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October Meeting Report

October 29, 2014

Michelle Hammond, Sarah Peterson, Jamie Frischknecht, Stephanie Thacker, Amy Tams, Tyna-Minet Anderson (+ little Avery), Dianna Graham, and Jessica Anderson attended our October meeting. Whew! I think that is probably an attendance record for us. Jessica hosted and served a cheesecake with fresh raspberries.

Our discussion of The Graveyard Book and The Jungle Book was relatively brief, but mostly positive. The consensus seemed to be that The Graveyard Book started out strong but didn’t finish as strong. Those who read some of The Jungle Book stories liked them, and we talked about how they inspired some of the chapters and motifs in The Graveyard Book. We then talked about numerous other things, book-related and non-book-related alike. It was a lovely literary evening, as usual.

Next up, at our holiday meeting, we’ll be discussing Longing for Home, by Sarah M. Eden.


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