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October Selections

September 27, 2014

Next up is . . .

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman & The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling

Bod is an unusual boy who inhabits an unusual place-he’s the only living resident of a graveyard. Raised from infancy by the ghosts, werewolves, and other cemetery denizens, Bod has learned the antiquated customs of his guardians’ time as well as their timely ghostly teachings-like the ability to Fade.

Can a boy raised by ghosts face the wonders and terrors of the worlds of both the living and the dead? And then there are things like ghouls that aren’t really one thing or the other.

2009 Newbery Medal Winner
2009 Hugo Award Winner for Best Novel
2010 Carnegie Medal Winner

The Jungle Books can be regarded as classic stories told by an adult to children. But they also constitute a complex literary work of art in which the whole of Kipling’s philosophy of life is expressed in miniature. They are best known for the ‘Mowgli’ stories; the tale of a baby abandoned and brought up by wolves, educated in the ways and secrets of the jungle by Kaa the python, Baloo the bear, and Bagheera the black panther. The stories, a mixture of fantasy, myth, and magic, are underpinned by Kipling’s abiding preoccupation with the theme of self-discovery, and the nature of the ‘Law’.

Feel free to read one or both of these books. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 28, 2014. In the meantime, check back for meeting reminders, links to information on the book, and more.

Happy reading!

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