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September Meeting Report

September 25, 2013

Diana Teasdale, Kerry Thompson, Jessica Anderson, Dianna Graham, Amy Tams and Jamie Frischknecht attended our September meeting. Diana bravely hosted us for the first time and served a delightful chocolate concoction for dessert.

We discussed The Grand Sophy, by Georgette Heyer. The general feeling was positive. We thought that the heroine was spunky and reminiscent of characters like Anne Shirley. Some of us were bugged that the heroine married her first cousin, but we noted that it was not terribly uncommon back in the day. We talked about other Regency-type books, because next month we’re reading Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen. Kerry particularly recommended books by Ann Radcliffe.

We also discussed other reading and non-reading topics, made sure we were all friends on Goodreads, and then headed out until next month.


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