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October Meeting Report

October 25, 2011

Our October meeting was spooky and fun. Those in attendance were Sarah Peterson, Lynette Lawson, Amy Tams, Dianna Graham, and Jessica Anderson. Jessica hosted and served a Halloween buffet of fingers(!), doughnut holes, pumpkin pie, Halloween candy, and apple cider.

Our discussion of Dracula and Frankenstein was insightful. With Frankenstein, we talked about how Dr. Frankenstein was whiny and too weak to take control of his fate but that we pitied him just the same. We also talked about how it was fun to read Dracula and see the source material for what we now consider to be a familiar myth. We generally agreed that it is fun to read the classics and see why these books have endured for centuries. One of the reasons, we thought, is that they have larger, more-universal themes than other books.

We also managed to get in some other book-talk to round out our literary evening.

Coming up for our November/December meeting, the perennial favorite: A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.


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