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September Meeting Report

September 27, 2011

Our September meeting was quite successful. Those in attendance were Lynette Lawson, Lorraine Peck, Jamie Frischknecht, Amy Tams, Dianna Graham, and Jessica Anderson. Lynette hosted and served us amazing cream-filled homemade cupcakes. And Dianna brought homemade dark chocolate chip cookies. We feasted!

Our discussion of The Help was engaging and lengthy. We started out by talking about our favorite characters. And eventually, we discussed just how impressed we were with the book as a whole and, in particular, the characters. Each character has her strengths and her flaws. They are all very realistically drawn. And, while the book does not necessarily end on a cheery note, everyone was very satisfied with it as the characters had evolved and were moving on.

Once we exhausted our discussion of The Help, we of course moved on to discussing other books we have been reading. In all, it was a very enjoyable literary evening.

We actually have two choices for October: Dracula, by Dram Stoker and/or Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley.

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